The Golden Rules

The Gold Bar is a very relaxed place where we celebrate life every minute of every day. Our aim is to provide a safe and comfortable venue for adults to enjoy a drink or a smoke, with incredibly inspirational surroundings and uplifting beats.

In a perfect world this page should not be necessary, but sadly it is!

We do not allow children in The Gold Bar as per Thai law. You must be 18 and over to enter the premises and 21 and over to expect service of our products. If you wish to bring your kids to the bar please contact us first. There are plenty of places where kids are allowed, so let's keep The Gold Bar for the grown ups, cheers!

No dogs please, this is Matoaka's territory and we don't need the drama, neither do you or any of our other guests.

No laptops or tablets are allowed in the bar at all, ever, The Gold Bar is not a public work space, there are plenty of places where you can go to stare at your computer screen, but definitely not here, thanks. Who knows, you might even get into a conversation.

Please do not use your mobile phone on loud speaker. the folks sitting next to you are enjoying the tunes and don't want to hear you shouting to your mum about the great view. 

Don't bring your entitlement, hate and anger, we are not interested in any nonsense so please take it somewhere else.

Basically, don't be an arse and you'll be treated like royalty!

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